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3 Things to Know About St Lucia Carnival

Come eeeen!  If you missed it, our Carnivalista In Chief, Esha, recently went live talking all about St Lucia Carnival.  Since there’s lots to know about it, she focused on 3 important things.

Tek a watch and enjoy Esha’s feathers!  Click here.

Here are the 3 things she mentioned in de video:

(1) The Carnival Parade is different (in a good way)
(2) St. Lucia Carnival can be pricey…
(3) There’s so much to do that’s unique and cool outside of this amazing Carnival!

Thinking about St. Lucia Carnival?

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Thanks fuh watching and reading!

Til de next lime,

Your Events by Ashé Team

About Us:  Events by Ashé is a company that provides unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences and we’re all passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  The Founders, Esha and Tarik, even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  We’re so passionate about Carnival that we’ve created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, Ultimate Spicemas, Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival and Ultimate Bago Carnival to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.  Check out more below or visit our website by clicking here!

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