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Friday Facebook Live: Plan with me | Year end planning

Happy 2021 to you!  It’s your girl Esha here.  Welcome to our blog Carnivalista Lifestyle, where we help busy, professional women discover new cultures, attract what they want, love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

The topic of today’s Friday Facebook Live was year end planning and my annual planning process.  I’ve been consistently doing this at the beginning of each year for the past 4-5 years.  This specific process has helped me manifest many, many things during this time!  Let’s make 2021 your best year yet…

Here’s the video:

Mentioned in the video:
  • As I mentioned in this video, I only talk about the high points of my year end planning.  To get all of the details, visit the full blog that I wrote about this.  Click here to do that.
  • Out of the 3 steps that mentioned, the most important step of my year end planning is step 2: resolve.  Getting clear about what I really want and writing it all down is key.  If you’re resisting writing down what you want, seriously, get over yourself.  There is so much research that proves writing your intentions down goes a long way to manifesting them.  Think of it as half of the battle being fought by just writing your intentions down!  Do not skip this step.
  • Be sure to have fun with all of the year end planning steps!  I really believe that when I was having fun this year and any other year, magic happened and moved me closer to achieving my intentions.
  • As a part of the reinforce step (step 3), I mentioned that I annually refresh my vision board as a part of my year end planning.  To learn more about the next Virtual Vision Board Experience hosted by my friend Nefateria on Dec 11, click here.

Now over to you: Which step will you implement at the start of this year?  Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support of our small business throughout 2020.  Wishing you a safe, prosperous and abundant 2021 (and beyond)!

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About Esha:  As an event planner and travel curator with over 20 years of experience (whose been to 5 out of the 7 continents), Esha’s helped professional women who don’t have the time, energy, or resources to plan their own vacations so they can travel and enjoy unique, life-changing Caribbean experiences. Click the links below to learn more!


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