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It’s time to eat, drink and get dutty with us at Trinidad Carnival 2024

Work | Fête | Lime | Repeat
Have you ever visited a country only to find out you missed the local hotspots and the best things to do?

You no longer have to worry about falling for tourist traps and scams when you travel with us!

After realizing that many individuals missed out on the best activities and experiences, your co-hosts Esha and Tarik decided to create THE Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience.

Born from Trini parents, Esha shares her love of local food, sights and activities so you can experience Trinidad like a local. Although he’s not a Trini, Carnival Connoisseur Tarik, shares his tips and tricks that he’s learned over the years about Trinidad & Tobago.

With our Trinidad Carnival packages, together, we show the best that Carnival and Trinidad have to offer!

We take the stress away from your Trinidad Carnival planning by:

Planning a fully curated and hosted trip, so you do not have to worry about trip details

Arranging your transportation during your stay so you can get from place to place with ease

Helping you with costume ordering, pick up, fitting and delivery, so you don’t have to do it yourself


Unlike other travel agencies that simply book your trip, we coordinate even the tiniest details, so you don’t have to

You’re in for an experience like no other

Here’s what you can expect from our Trinidad Carnival packages:


Get started here planning your 2024 Trinidad Carnival Experience

Meet your Trinidad Carnival hosts

In addition to our team of Ambassadors who will travel with you, we’ll be your main hosts during Ultimate Trinidad Carnival

Esha and Tarik Davis

Co-Founders, Events by Ashé LLC

We met during Trinidad Carnival in 2006 while playing mas.  Yes, we were both in costume; this photo was taken when we actually met!  

Once we started dating, we talked about our first Trinidad Carnivals.  That’s when we realized that there were others out there like us who wanted to experience this amazing festival, but were unsure how to get party tickets, a costume or even secure a safe place to stay in a foreign country.

That’s when our 1st Experience, Ultimate Trinidad Carnival was born.  Ultimate Summer Carnival and Ultimate Bago Carnival soon followed!

Our purpose is to inspire confidence and remove all of your worries by taking care of everything.  This gives you the freedom to let go and have fun in a drama-free environment.

With us, there’s no planning or coordination required from your end.  All you have to do is buy your flight, pack and show up at the airport!  We’ll handle the rest.

We are real people and our business has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust that we’re a credible business.  As the ONLY fully hosted Trinidad Carnival package provider, our top priority is your safety. 

Also about us: we love to have a good time and love to party but we also like to “lime” on de beach!

Enhance Your Trinidad Carnival Experience by Upgrading with our Exclusive Itineraries

Trinidad carnival fetes
2-night Upgrade

Get 7 nights in amazing Trinidad!


WED FEB 7 – WED FEB 14, 2024

Get everything included in our 5-night Premium Experience plus:

Two (2) additional nights at the Hilton Trinidad

Tickets to two (2) more “party ‘til you sweat”, “eat ’til yuh belly full”, all-inclusive fetes

A trip to Long Circular Mall to get any necessary items (and snacks)

Ultimate Carnivalista Upgrade

For the Carnivalista who wants to go all out!


FRI FEB 9 – WED FEB 14, 2024 (or dates of other Upgrades)

Get everything included in our 5-night Premium Experience plus:

An Individual Costume (a BIG step up from Frontline) tailored to perfection

Personal security on de road for your additional protection and sweet additional YUMA perks!

Backpack and headpiece transportation during the Trinidad Carnival Parade

Customized footwear, party cup and a coordinating pouch to hold your essentials

Perfectly fitting and custom created Monday wear (no need for you to make it or buy it yourself!)

Two (2) pairs of mas stockings – you’ll have 1 for Carnival Monday and 1 for Carnival Tuesday

Personalized Carnival makeup session plus a spa treatment of your choice

Permission to SLAY DE ROAD!

Tobago Love Upgrade

After Carnival, travel to Tobago for some vitamin Sea 😉


FRI FEB 9 – SUN FEB 18, 2024

Get everything included in our 5-night Premium Experience plus:

Four (4) nights at 3-star rated and charming Shepherd’s Inn, which is 5-minutes away from the airport, restaurants and Store Bay Beach

An all-inclusive yacht trip. Let the crew cater to you as you set sail and let your worries float away!

See the Buccoo Reef, wade in the beautiful Nylon Pool and relax on Pigeon Point Beach. Will you look 10 years younger as the legend goes?

Round trip flight from Trinidad to Tobago

Tour Tobago by car to see the Argyle Falls

Stroll to Crown Point for a delicious group dinner, local ice cream and people watching

Don’t just take our word for it…

Read what our Carnivalistas have to say

All of the fetes were amazing and exceeded my expectations.  I also met so many new lifelong friends along the way.  I would definitely travel with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival again.


California, USA

I came thousands of miles alone. My first ever trip away completely by myself not knowing a soul. Feeling so safe with the team and welcomed by the leaders has given me the confidence to now solo travel regularly. Trinidad carnival was a life long dream for me too. So a double whammy!


United Kingdom

For those inquiring on how I booked my carnival trip this is it. This is the most amazing, well organized and genuinely fun trip I have ever been on. There is no guess work, no stress.  They take care of EVERYTHING for you. Bonus Points for being black owned ❤️




Frequently Asked Questions about our Trinidad Carnival packages

I’ll be traveling to Trinidad alone because none of my friends or family want to go. Can you find a roommate for me?
Absolutely!  We’ve worked with several of our clients over the years to match them up with roommates.  Roommates during Trinidad Carnival time usually form lasting friendships.  Here’s how it works: when we get 2 people looking for a roommate, we’ll reach out to you both via email so you can connect.  You’ll then decide if you’d like to talk over the phone or even meet up if you’re in the same city!

With a roommate, you can take advantage of our double occupancy pricing.  Please note we ONLY match roommates in a room with 2 queen beds.

You may also want to consider a single occupancy package if you’d prefer to room alone.  See the single supplement information above in the 5-night Premium Experience section for details – click here.

How do I register more than 1 person?
Each person in your travel party will need to register themselves in the “register today” section on this page.

On the registration form, please enter the name of your travel companion in the “roommate” field.  We’ll use this information to match you both in your room.  If you need a roommate, please enter “need roommate” in this field.

After completing our registration form, click “submit” and you’ll be directed to PayPal to make your payment.  After we receive your payment, you’ll be sent a confirmation email of your registration.  Registrations will not be confirmed without payment AND a completed registration form for each person.

Please make sure your travel companion(s) complete their registration forms within 48 hours to confirm their spots. 

In regards to the costumes, which band are you associated with? How does ordering my costume work?
Our costume provider of choice is Yuma.  They’re an all-inclusive costume provider in Trinidad.  As a part of the Yuma experience, you’ll get awesome road vibes, a beautiful costume, lunch, snacks, full bar access, security, rest stations and stand-by emergency services (just in case you need it).

We’re confident that Yuma will take care of you, provide you with a beautiful costume and show you a GREAT time!

We’ll place your costume order, pickup and deliver your costume to you at the Hilton Trinidad for your personalized fitting with a member of our team.  Once Yuma launches their costume designs on their website, we’ll email you to place your order.  We’ll also ask for your measurments at this time (usually in July/August).  When your costume is confirmed, we’ll notify you via email as well.

Is there an opportunity to upgrade to a Frontline costume in your 5-night Premium Experience?
Yes!  If you’d like a larger costume than the Midline costume included in our 5-night Premium Experience, you can upgrade to a larger costume.  You can either buy the (1) Ultimate Carnivalista Upgrade OR (2) just purchase a Frontline upgrade on its own. 

  1. In the Ultimate Carnivalista Upgrade, an Individual costume is a more elaborate design with a much larger backpack (feathers) than a Midline or a Frontline costume.  Its design is based on the same colour scheme and the designer’s vision of the costume section.  It is NOT a custom designed costume. however, there are many other custom designed items in this Upgrade such as your accessories and your Monday wear.
  2. If you decide you’d like a Frontline costume, we’ll let you know the exact upgrade costs in July/August 2023 when Yuma launches their costumes on their website.  Payment of your Frontline costume upgrade is due before we can order your Yuma costume on your behalf.
What parties (fêtes) are included in your 5-night Premium Experience and 2-night Upgrade?
The fêtes included in our Ultimate Trinidad Carnival packages are “tried, tested and true” so you’re guaranteed to have a great time.  See below for specifics:

5-night Premium Experience: Fri Feb 9 – Phuket (all-inclusive ticket) and on Sun Feb 11 – Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party (all-inclusive, Penthouse ticket).
2-night Upgrade: Wed Feb 7 – Lime at the Hyatt (all-white with a touch of lime party, Platinum all-inclusive ticket) and on Thurs Feb 8 – Tribe Ignite (drinks inclusive ticket).

Are flights included in your Trinidad Carnival packages?
Your flight to Trinidad is not included in our 5-night Premium Experience. To purchase your own flight, the airport code in Trinidad is POS.

Please note that currently, there is no testing or vaccination requirement needed to enter Trinidad and Tobago.  This could change and as such, we’ll update all of our registered travelers if anything changes closer to February 2024.

Passports are required to enter Trinidad and Tobago. Also, please ensure that your passport does not expire within 6 months of your travel date.

What’s your refund policy?
Should there be a cancellation by the Trinidad and Tobago government of Trinidad Carnival 2024, our intention is to offer you the following options:

  • Secure your spot and direct your deposit and payments made to Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2025 in February 2025. We’ll advise you of your new payment plan.
  • Hold your spot and direct your deposit and payments made to Ultimate Summer Carnival 2024 in August 2024. We’ll advise you of your new payment plan.
  • Provide you with a full refund, less any irrecoverable fees or costs incurred to date.
  • Please note: should your account not be in good standing (i.e. 1 missed payment or more), you are not eligible for refund payments of ANY amount.

We have also noted any further applicable terms and conditions below.  These are clearly laid out in our registration form as well.

Should you wish to cancel your Ultimate Trinidad Carnival trip and upon receiving written notice of your  cancellation, our refund policy is:

  • On or before June 30, 2023, you will receive a refund of 50% of the payment you made for the trip;
  • Between July 1, 2023 and October 31, 2023, you will receive a refund of 25% of the payment you made for the trip; or
  • On or after October 31, 2023, you will not receive a refund in any amount.
  • Please note: the refund amount is based upon the sale price of the trip and does not include any transaction or other related fees.
  • Should your account not be in good standing (i.e. 1 missed payment or more), you are not eligible for refund payments of ANY amount.
Are the prices listed per person, even if I’m sharing a room with someone?
Yes, the prices listed on our website are per person, single occupancy or double occupancy (2 people sharing a room) in US dollars, unless otherwise indicated.

We do not offer triple or quadruple occupancy for our packages.  If you have a 3rd person traveling with your group, we are happy to match them with a roommate in a room with 2 queen beds.  Please have them add “need a roommate” to their registration form and make their payment to secure their spot.

Leh we Lime at Trinidad Carnival!

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