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Ultimate Bago Carnival 2023 Recap | Tobago Carnival

Hey!  After a whirlwind week in Tobago, here’s a quick lil recap of Tobago Carnival.  Enjoy de quick vid of our footage below!

Highlights you saw in de Tobago Carnival video:
  • The best event hands down was the Mud is Life Festival!  Mr. Killa was the headlining performer and there was mud everywhere (yay!).  We actually enjoyed this better than J’ouvert with Fog Angels, which was very disorganized and a VERY delayed start.
  • De food at Tobago Carnival!  From parrot fish at Crown Point Jerk Centre to our lunch at Jemma’s Tree House, all of the food was sooooo good.
  • Rhythm, Steel and Powder was Tobago’s Panorama – pan (steel drums) were in full effect!  We limed at this event and listened to several bands as they moved down the route.
  • The Tobago Carnival Parade had a late start, but once we got on de road, it was a good time.  Our costumes with Zain Carnival were lovely and the bar service was on point!
  • And last, but certainly not least, I couldn’t not mention our beach time.  This was nice to break up all of the partying at Tobago Carnival!  We sampled several of them, from Pigeon Point to Indian Bay, which is a private beach.  The untouched beauty of Tobago was also evident when we visited Little Tobago, the Argyle Falls and another little known/visited falls across the street from Kings Bay.  Having driven by this latest waterfall several times without knowing it was there, we were blown away by this wonderful find!
Now over to you…

Although we’re not planning an Ultimate Bago Carnival experience in 2024, you can still choose your own adventure!  Here’s where you can fete with us:

  • As announced, Ultimate Un-Carnival 2024 will be held in Antigua!  Your getaway in between Carnivals is here.  Package details will be available on the website on Nov 22 and you’ll be able to grab your spot on Nov 24 (yes, that’s Black Friday for those of you located in the US and Canada).  Contact us to get on de list.
  • Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival 2024 is over 33% sold!  Click here for package details and to find out more about this summer Carnival.
  • We’re taking you to Barbados to experience Crop Over too aka “de sweetest summer festival”.  Ultimate Crop Over 2024 package details are live on our website; click here.
  • And finally, in 2024 Grenada Carnival is calling!  Ultimate Spicemas will intoxicate your senses like never before with the spices of the beautiful island of Grenada.  Packages are selling quickly, so visit our website to find out more; click here.

Thanks fuh reading!

Til de next lime,

Your Events by Ashé Team

About Us:  Events by Ashé is a company that provides unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences and we’re all passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  The Founders, Esha and Tarik, even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  We’re so passionate about Carnival that we’ve created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, Ultimate Spicemas and Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.  Check out more below or visit our website by clicking here!

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