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Hello and welcome to our Caribbean Carnival vlog!  And today we’re sharing 5 tips to get that Caribbean Carnival vibe EVERYDAY.  These steps are super simple; just do them when you feel you need a lil pick me up 😉

Here’s the quick video below:

Here are the tips we mentioned in the video:

(1) Morning Jam Session

Start your day with upbeat Caribbean music. Create a playlist filled with Caribbean carnival music – soca or calypso tunes – to uplift your mood and energize your morning routine.  This is our personal fave to blast as we’re commuting to work.  No more cummuting blahs here!

(2) Colorful Wardrobe

Infuse your wardrobe with vibrant colors and bold prints reminiscent of Caribbean carnival costumes.  Choose brightly colored clothing and accessories to add a pop of color to your daily attire and evoke feelings of joy and celebration.  Everytime you look in the mirror, your clothing will bring a smile to your face – an instant Carnival smile, that is 🙂

(3) Island-Inspired Cocktails

Mix up tropical cocktails inspired by Caribbean flavors. Enjoy refreshing drinks like rum punch, piña coladas, or mojitos to unwind and indulge in a taste of paradise after a long day.  Who doesn’t want that?

(4) Caribbean Cuisine

Experiment with Caribbean-inspired recipes and incorporate flavors of the islands into your meals. Try cooking dishes like jerk chicken, curry goat, or ackee and saltfish to transport your taste buds to the Caribbean.

Check out these Caribbean cooks on YouTube!

(5) Mindful Reflection

Take moments of mindful reflection to appreciate the beauty and joy in everyday life. Practice gratitude for the blessings around you and cultivate a positive mindset that embraces the spirit of Caribbean carnival – a celebration of life, unity, and happiness.

Now over to you:

Hope these tips will get you through until your next Caribbean Carnival fix!  If you’re planning for a future Caribbean Carnival, we have a few things that can help get you there:

  • Grab our Ultimate Guide of Getting to and Surviving Carnival.  With Carnival destination profiles and lots of tips, this guide will help you get to the next one; click here to get the free guide.
  • If planning your own Carnival trip is too overwhelming, then choose one of our planned-for-you adventures!
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Leave us a comment below; let us know which of these tips you’ll be adding to your daily routine!

Til de next lime,

Team Events by Ashé

About Events by Ashé: we provide unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences.  Our Founders, Esha and Tarik are passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  They even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  They are so passionate about Carnival that they created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival and Ultimate Crop Over to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.  Visit their website by clicking here or click the links below to learn more!


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