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Ultimate Crop Over

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about payments

What happens if Barbados Crop Over is cancelled?

Should there be a cancellation by the Barbadian government of Crop Over 2025, our intention is to offer you the following options:

  • Secure your spot and direct your deposit and payments made to Ultimate Summer Carnival 2026 in August 2026. We’ll advise you of your new payment plan.
  • If you’d like, you can also transfer your payments made towards your package to our Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience. We’ll advise you of your new payment plan.
  • Provide you with a full refund, less any irrecoverable fees or costs incurred to date.
  • Please note: should your account not be in good standing (i.e. 1 missed payment or more), you are not eligible for refund payments of ANY amount.

We have also noted any further applicable terms and conditions. They’re all contained within our registration form which you’ll see when you complete your registration.

What’s your refund policy?

While we would love for everyone who registers with us to travel, we understand that life happens.

Should you provide written notice to Events by Ashé of your Ultimate Crop Over cancellation, our refund policy is:

  • On or before November 30, 2024, you will receive a refund of 75% of the payment you made for the trip;
  • Between December 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025, you will receive a refund of 50% of the payment you made for the trip; or
  • Between April 1, 2025 and May 1, 2025, you will receive a refund of 25% of the payment you made for the trip; or
  • On or after May 2, 2025, you will not receive a refund in any amount.

Please note: the refund amount is based upon the sale price of the trip and does not include any transaction or other related fees.  Should your account not be in good standing (i.e. 1 missed payment or more), you are not eligible for refund payments of ANY amount.

Are the prices listed per person, even if I’m sharing a room with someone?

Yes, the prices listed on our website are per person, double occupancy (2 people to a room) or triple occupancy (3 people to a room) in US dollars.

Do you offer group discounts?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer group discounts.  If you’ve traveled with us before, you are eligible for a $100 discount off our package price.  Just complete your registration form and make your payment.  We’ll automatically apply your discount in our accounting system.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do!  Our Easy Payment Plan enables you to hold your spot with just a $500 deposit.  All of our payments are accepted via PayPal for your convenience.  To see our payment plans, visit our Ultimate Crop Over page.

Questions about our 5-night Premium Experience

What are the Barbados Crop Over dates in 2025?

While events in Barbados Crop Over happen for at least 2 months, the festival comes to a climax towards the end of July and the beginning of August.  To ensure that you’re in the middle of everything, the travel dates of our Ultimate Crop Over 2025 5-night Premium Experience are Thursday July 31 to Tuesday August 5, 2025.  For more details about our Barbados Crop Over packages, visit our website – click here.

I’ll be traveling to Barbados Carnival alone because none of my friends or family want to go. Can you find a roommate for me?

Absolutely!  We’ve worked with several of our clients over the years to match them up with roommates.  Roommates during Barbados Carnival time usually form lasting friendships.  Here’s how it works: when we get 2 people looking for a roommate, we’ll add you to our roommate matching list.  We’ll then connect you via email when we’re sold out.  Once you’ve talked and decided that you’d like to room with each other, simply email us and that’s it!

You may also want to consider a single occupancy package if you’d prefer to room alone.  Click here to contact us.

I’ve been doing some research and I’ve noticed that your packages cost more than other Crop Over package providers.  Why is that?

That’s a great question.  As a premium travel service provider, our Ultimate Crop Over pricing is based on a few things:

  • We treat you like family.  Our goal is not to have a sea of clients with us in Barbados.  We want to get to know you personally like family!  With that goal in mind, we keep Ultimate Crop Over small.
    • This ensures that we can provide a very high level of customer service, so we’re available to respond to any questions/concerns while you’re in Barbados.  This then frees you up to release your worries so you can let go and have a once in a lifetime experience!
  • A fully guided tour.  We offer you peace of mind as you travel to a strange country.
    • We have an Ambassador to client ratio of no more than 1:10, so we can ensure that you’re entirely taken care of at every event, including the Kadooment Parade.
    • In the instance that you fall ill, get separated from your friends or are tired, an Ambassador is never too far away to take care of you.
  • Taking care of all the “little things”.  With other Crop Over package providers, you’re just a booking.
    • And with this booking, you usually have to take care of the little things and additional hidden costs that come along with that.  For example, spending hours to pick-up your costume, going to a promoter to get your party tickets and organizing your own airport/event transportation.
    • With Ultimate Crop Over, every little thing is included.  We order and collect your costume, conduct a personalized fitting at the Hilton Barbados Resort and handle any exchanges on your behalf.
    • In addition, we deliver your party tickets to you at the Hilton Barbados.  Your transportation and day trip costs are also included.  All you really need to do is book your package, buy your flight and show up!
What is the pricing of your 5-night Premium Experience?

The pricing, itinerary and details about our 5-night Premium Experience can be found on our Ultimate Crop Over page by clicking here.  If you’d like more information and pricing of our Upgrades, you can find this on the same page too.

I have travel dates that are outside of what’s posted on your website. Can I still travel with you?

We may be able to customize your travel dates.  Please contact us by clicking here.

Is it possible for me to get a customized package outside of what is included in your 5-night Premium Experience?

Yes!  When you purchase our VIP Upgrade, we’ll meet with you one on one to talk through what else we can add to your Ultimate Crop Over package.  You can see more information about our VIP Upgrade on our package page; click here.

Questions about costumes and parties

I prefer not to be in a costume (play mas). Are you able to help me?

Unfortunately not.  Playing mas and the costumed experience is honestly too much fun to miss!  If you’re modest and/or are self-conscious about your body, trust us when we say that the Barbados Carnival Parade embraces and attracts all shapes, shades and sizes of people.  Everyone, regardless of their size parades around confidently in next to nothing; it’s the ultimate in freedom!  We also have costume options that you can take advantage of if you’d like more (ahem) coverage.

If you think that standing on the sidelines is as much fun as being in the parade, keep in mind that things work a little differently in Barbados than what you might be used to.  The large bands in Barbados typically employ tight security, so no “jumpin’ in de band” here!

What happens if my costume doesn’t fit when I get it in Barbados?

This happens very rarely, however let’s walk you through our process.  When we collect your costume on your behalf, we’ll schedule a personalized fitting with you at the Hilton Barbados Resort.  We’ll show you how to wear your costume pieces during this appointment.  Should anything not fit, we’ll work with our costume provider, Aura, to facilitate any costume swaps as possible.

In regard to the costumes, which band are you associated with?

Our costume provider of choice is Aura.  We’ve worked with Aura for several years and our masqueraders have been taken care of, had their costumes created to perfection and had a GREAT time!

One of our reasons for choosing to do the Kadooment Parade with Aura is because of the band size.  Most of our clients are first-timers to Barbados Carnival and navigating some of the other (larger) bands can be quite challenging.  Aura is easy to navigate on the day of the parade.  This means you can get to the bathroom easier, will be able to find your friends (and fellow travelers) throughout the day and most importantly, find your Ultimate Crop Over team if you need assistance.

What if I lose weight before Barbados Carnival comes? Can I change my costume sizes?

We’ll ask you for your sizing when we order your costume in March/April timeframe.  It’s your responsibility to ensure that your measurements are accurate.  Based on our experience over the years, we know the following: for the ladies, all parts of your costume are adjustable to a few inches larger or smaller.  Should your Aura bra still not fit after adjusting, we’ll work with Aura for a suitable replacement.

For the men, your Aura shorts have a drawstring that you can adjust a couple of inches larger or smaller.  We can also swap out your T-shirt for a larger or smaller size depending on availability.

Is there an opportunity to upgrade to a front line costume in your 5-night Premium Experience?

Absolutely!  During the costume ordering process, we’ll provide you with the price of all Upgrades, including upgrading to a frontline costume.  You may also want to consider purchasing our Ultimate Carnivalista Upgrade where you get the opportunity to get a frontline costume among other things!  Visit our package website for Upgrade details.

What parties (fetes) are included in your 5-night Premium Experience and Upgrades?

We’ve selected the tried, tested and true parties so you can focus on having a great time!  See below for specifics:

  • 5-night Premium Experience: Sun Aug 3 – THE Limerz Cruise
  • 2-night Upgrade: Thurs Jul 31 – Ruk a Tuk Premium Breakfast Cruise
Do I get to design my own costume?

Fortunately for you, we work with Aura, who is a leader in costume creativity and design in Barbados.  They’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you regarding designing your costume.  You’ll get to pick costume options that will flatter you best.  Don’t forget we also offer our Ultimate Carnivalista Upgrade so you can truly SLAY ALL DAY!  Click here to visit our website for Upgrade details.

Questions about flights

Are flights included in your Barbados Carnival packages?

Your flight to Barbados is not included in our 5-night Premium Experience pricing as listed on our website.  To purchase your own flight, the airport code is BGI. 

We can book your flight if you purchase our VIP Upgrade with your Ultimate Crop Over package.  Click here to visit our website for VIP Upgrade details.

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For those inquiring on how I booked my carnival trip this is it. This is the most amazing, well organized and genuinely fun trip I have ever been on. There is no guess work, no stress.  They take care of EVERYTHING for you. Bonus Points for being black owned ❤️

– Danni


What was eye-opening for me, was the peace and unity that I felt during this entire experience! Events by Ashe brings diverse individuals together in such a positive way. Our Ambassadors promote having fun, letting go and experiencing joy in the company of like minded people, while keeping an eye on our safety and well being! I can’t wait for the next trip. It truly felt like Famalalay!!!

– Carolyn


Esha and her team were amazing.  Anything I needed or any questions that needed to be answered, you made me feel very comfortable, even if I had millions of questions, lol…Sunny Side Up Fete and J’ouvert were my two favorite events. Getting to know the group was great. Having an in house photographer was awesome.

– Regine


Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this a great experience. This was wonderful and the quality of your business is definitely 5 stars! Thank you!

– Rachel


Well, Esha you sold me the first day we talked. Your genuine personality, positive attitude and customer service floored me. This is definitely your niche. The team was amazing, and sooooo much fun.  I appreciated EVERYTHING they did to keep me safe, excited, happy and satisfied.

– Charlene


The trip was very well organized. It was worth the money I paid. [With] me being a planner/organizer, paying attention to detail and as a professional, I really liked how everything was laid out and I had no worries.

– Erica


I loved the fact that I had someone else do all the ground work and didn’t have to arrange anything myself. As a seasoned traveler I would normally make all my personal arrangements…I had a fantastic experience!

– Keicia


The best part about working with Events by Ashe was that everything is done for you. Transportation, accommodation, fetes, etc. And there’s still enough free time to enjoy on your own. I liked that we had the schedule and you just show up at the appointed meeting place at the right time. I was also very happy that everyone in the group looked out for each other while we were out at the events.

– Sara