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Friday Facebook Live: thinking about starting a business?

Greetings to you!  It’s your girl Esha here.  Welcome to our blog Carnivalista Lifestyle, our blog where we help busy, professional women discover new cultures, attract what they want, love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.  It’s Friday today and that means Friday Facebook Live!  And if you’d like to start your own business, then today’s video is for you.

Watch on to learn more:

Let’s review those 3 tips in more detail

Tip #1: There’s no perfect time to start your business

  • I started with this tip because so many of us think there’s a perfect time to do – well, anything!  And the truth is, there is no perfect time.
  • Consider this, do you think there aren’t businesses being started and are thriving right now?  Of course there are!
  • If starting a business is truly what you are called to do, then start taking small steps towards that goal.  Trust me, what you need will come towards you and help you along the way.
  • In my case, I always knew would be an entrepreneur because I truly love the freedom and variety that it gives me.
  • Even in a perfect world, our rational mind will find a reason not to start a business. Just start a business; get started – today.

Tip #2: Follow your passion

  • For your business to keep going, you need to have a burning passion for whatever you’re selling.
  • Your passion will keep you going when you’re tired, you’ll treat your clients better and you’ll have more fun!
  • Your passion will also keep you learning about your industry and serving your clients
  • For example, Carnival and the Carnival culture is my passion.  I love it!  I started out by organizing Carnival trips for my friends when a large group of us would go to Trinidad Carnival every year.  And it grew from there.
  • I can talk all day about Carnival, look at costumes, read up on industry news and especially love sharing my passion with others.  All day, everyday.
  • If you can’t do that with your business idea, my honest advice is not to do it.


Start your business today; no matter how small it is.

Tip #3: Learn to sell

  • This tip is a hard thing for most people but here’s the hard truth.  If you can’t sell or you hate sales, your business will not survive.
  • No matter what anyone says, your products and services don’t sell themselves.  This is actually where your passion that I mentioned in part 2 helps you out.  If you’re passionate about your product/service, you’ll get over your fear of selling quicker.  Your authenticity will shine through and your enthusiasm will appeal to others.
  • But you still need to know how to sell!
  • Honestly, this was a challenging one for me due to my paralyzing fear of selling our packages.  Calling people up was something I just did not do!  I knew I need to learn to sell for my business to grow and survive, so I started seeking out training to do it.
  • Bottom line is you can learn to sell, but you can’t buy passion!

Those are my 3 tips to help you start a business.  Hope you found them helpful!

Now over to you: Thinking about starting a business?  What’s stopping you?  Leave me a comment below.

Til de next lime,







About Esha:  As a travel curator and event planner with over 20 years of experience (whose been to 5 out of the 7 continents), Esha’s helped professional women who don’t have the time, energy, or resources to plan their own vacations so they can travel and enjoy unique, life-changing Caribbean experiences. Visit our website or call/text us at (919) 697-8772 to learn more!


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