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A Surprise Special Announcement about our Summer Carnivals!

Ooooooh, this is going to be a goodie…if you were still thinking about your Summer Carnival 2024 plans, allow us to make your decision easier for you.

Drum roll please!

Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival in July 2024

We’ll kick it all off with our Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival 2024 Experience.  When you purchase a Paid in Full package, not only will you get a 10% discount, you’ll also get a VVIP Costume Upgrade!

What’s in a VVIP Costume Upgrade?  With our costume provider, Just4Fun Carnival, your VVIP Costume Upgrade will include a gorgeous costume along with many fun and exclusive amenities such as an Exclusive Music System & DJs, Premium Upgraded Drinks, direct to you bar service on de road⁠ and much more!

Got Grenada Spicemas in August on de brain instead?

Doh worry; we got something special for you too!  When you purchase a Paid in Full Ultimate Spicemas 2024 package, you’ll get a FREE Frontline costume Upgrade and save 10% off your package.

Our Grenada costume provider, Vibe Mas Carnival, always has the beautiful designs that make you say, “Ooooh!”  And we don’t doubt it will be the same in 2024 😉

Now over to you…
  • Click here for more info about Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival in July 2024
  • Click here for more info about Ultimate Spicemas in August 2024

So, which Summer Carnival will it be for you?  Grenada or St. Lucia?  Leave us a comment below!

Now there is more! Crop Over in Barbados!

  • Click here for more info about Crop Over in August 2024

Got questions?  Please contact us.

Thanks as always fuh reading!

Til de next lime,

Your Events by Ashé Team

About Us:  Events by Ashé is a company that provides unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences and we’re all passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  The Founders, Esha and Tarik, even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  We’re so passionate about Carnival that we’ve created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, Ultimate Spicemas, Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival and Ultimate Bago Carnival to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.  Check out more below or visit our website by clicking here!

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