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Ultimate Summer Carnival 2022 Recap – Part 2

Hello to you!  Welcome to our blog all about travel, food, getting your life together and the Caribbean Carnival culture.  Looking for Grenada Carnival reviews?  Then you’re in the right place.

But first, if you missed Part 1, de good and de better of Grenada Carnival: click here

Enjoy de watch below…

De Best – Monday Night Mas
  • De Best was Monday Night Mas for a couple of reasons.  It was a uniquely Grenada Carnival experience.  That’s one of the things we love about the Caribbean Carnival culture.  Each island has it’s own flavour!  And Monday Night Mas didn’t disappoint!
  • We played with the local band D’Junction and their Monday Night Mas theme was Gold Rush.  The experience was drinks inclusive (tip: wear your provided t-shirt to get drinks!) and we got some really fun swag that was blinged and lit, including a light up cup.  We also provided light up visors to our Ultimate Summer Carnival clients in their Survival Kits!
  • Here are some pics…


Light de night up at Monday Night Mas


More Monday Night Mas lights…

And a special mention of the Royalton Grenada
  • We loved staying at this property right on Tamarind Beach!  Not only was it beautiful, but we kept running into many soca stars such as Voice, Lyrikal, de Jab Jab King Tallpree, Nadia Batson (Nadeeeeeyy!) and Problem is ah Problem – Problem Child.  They were all absolutely wonderful and it was a real treat!
  • The other thing we loved about the Royalton Grenada was the service.  We highly recommend staying in a Diamond Club room (it’s well worth the upgrade) especially because you get a butler.  All of their staff were fantastic and graciously kind.


Chillin’ with Lyrikal at our Royalton Grenada Beach Lime!

So, as with all of our recaps, here are a few of our general observations of Grenada Spicemas:
  1. Events during Grenada Carnival take Caribbean time to a new level!  That means do not go to events at the stated start time.  Arriving anywhere from 3-4 hours after whatever start time you are given will be good.
  2. In regard to the Grenada Spicemas Parade, 2 things.  Number 1, ensure that you know what number your band is in the parade.  This is usually something to especially keep in mind with North American Carnivals, however since Spicemas bands follow 1 route, unlike Trinidad, you should keep this in mind.  Number 2, check to see if your band provides shuttle service to meet the band.  That way, you’re not waiting around for your band to show up along the route.
  3. As we mentioned in Part 1, Grenadian J’ouvert is like a big lime!  It’s very different from the more organized J’ouvert in Trinidad and Barbados.  There wasn’t very heavy jamming (partying); there was more chippin’ and people watching!  Not bad at all.  It was fun; just different.
Joining de bacchanal?
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Now over to you:

Have you been to Grenada Carnival?  Leave us a comment below!

Til de next lime,

Team Events by Ashé

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