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Hello good people and welcome to the dazzling world of Caribbean carnivals! If you’re itching to keep the carnival spirit alive year-round, look no further. Today, we’re diving into the best carnival-inspired books, podcasts, and threads that capture the magic, music, and vibrant culture of these unforgettable festivals.

Get ready to explore captivating books that transport you to the heart of the Caribbean, lively podcasts that bring the sounds and stories of carnival to life, and engaging forums where carnival enthusiasts share tips, experiences, and plans for their next big celebration. So grab a seat, turn up the soca music, and let’s embark on this colorful journey together!


  • Carnival: Culture in Action – The Trinidad Experience by Milla Cozart Riggio: This book provides an in-depth exploration of Trinidad’s Carnival, examining its historical, cultural, and social significance through essays and firsthand accounts.
  • Carnival: A Photographic and Testimonial History of the Notting Hill Carnival by Ishmahil Blagrove Jr. and Margaret Busby: This book offers a visual and narrative history of the Notting Hill Carnival in London, which has roots in Caribbean Carnival traditions, showcasing its evolution and impact.
  • Rituals of Power and Rebellion: The Carnival Tradition in Trinidad and Tobago, 1763-1962 by Hollis Chalkdust Liverpool: This book provides a historical analysis of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, exploring its origins, development, and role as a form of cultural expression and political resistance.  It’s written by the 9-time Calypso Monarch Champion of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The Trinidad Carnival: Mandate for a National Theatre by Errol Hill: This book provides an in-depth exploration of the Trinidad Carnival, detailing its origins, the development of the steelband, calypso music, and the various theatrical elements that make up this vibrant festival. It’s a comprehensive resource for understanding the cultural and historical significance of one of the Caribbean’s most famous carnivals​.
  • Masking and Power: Carnival and Popular Culture in the Caribbean by Gerard Aching: This book explores the complex relationships between carnival celebrations and social power in the Caribbean. It delves into the cultural significance of carnival masks, the role of masquerade, and the ways in which these traditions challenge and negotiate power dynamics in Caribbean societies.


  • Nice-ish: This podcast delves into topics straight off the Caribbean social scene, particularly focusing on carnival-related events and discussions. It’s a great source for keeping up with carnival culture and news​​.
  • The Style & Vibes Podcast: Hosted by fashion and lifestyle enthusiast Mikelah, this podcast covers Caribbean culture, music, and fashion. It’s a vibrant mix of interviews and discussions that reflect the essence of Caribbean life and celebrations​​.
  • Di Soca Analysts: A podcast dedicated to soca music and Caribbean culture. It offers in-depth discussions on the latest in soca and issues facing the Caribbean and West Indian communities worldwide​​.
  • Strictly Facts: A Guide to Caribbean History and Culture: Hosted by Alexandria Miller, this podcast provides insights into Caribbean history and culture, exploring how these elements shape the carnival experience and broader Caribbean identity​.
  • The Caribbean Woman Podcast: Hosted by Dena, this podcast focuses on empowering ambitious Caribbean women through discussions on womanhood, entrepreneurship, faith, and lifestyle. Each episode features insightful conversations with influential women, aiming to inspire and provide valuable life lessons.


  • Carnival Kicks: This blog, run by Tracey, a passionate carnival enthusiast, covers a wide range of carnival-related topics. It offers insights into various Caribbean and international carnivals, providing readers with vibrant storytelling, travel tips, and DIY carnival accessories tutorials​.
  • Slice of Sandi: Sandi’s blog focuses on the vibrant life of Caribbean carnivals and travel experiences. She shares detailed reviews and personal stories about different carnivals, accompanied by stunning visuals and helpful tips for travelers​.
  • Tingz Nice: Tingz Nice offers an immersive look into the carnival scene, with detailed posts about carnival planning, costumes, and event recaps. It also provides practical advice for those looking to experience carnival firsthand.​
  • Hello Carnival: This blog provides up-to-date information on Caribbean carnival dates and events. It’s a great resource for anyone planning to attend a carnival, with detailed posts about upcoming celebrations across the Caribbean​.
  • Caribbean Beat Magazine: This blog features articles on various Caribbean carnivals, highlighting their cultural significance, events, and unique experiences. It provides in-depth coverage of different carnival celebrations across the Caribbean, from Trinidad and Tobago to Jamaica and beyond.
  • Global Carnivalist: This is a blog dedicated to the carnival experience, offering insights and guides from a masquerader’s point of view. It features detailed reviews and planning guides for various carnivals, including Trinidad, Miami, St. Lucia, Jamaica and Bermuda. The blog also provides information on carnival accessories, fete lists and travel tips to help enthusiasts enjoy the best parties and events.

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