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Questions about payments

What’s your refund policy?

If Trinidad Carnival 2022 is cancelled by the Trinidadian government, one of the options you’ll be provided with is a full refund.

Our regular refund schedule is as follows.  Should you wish to cancel your trip and you notify us in writing of your cancellation:

  • On or before June 30, 2021, you will receive a refund of 75% of the payment you made for the trip;
  • Between July 1, 2021 and November 29, 2021, you will receive a refund of 50% of the payment you made for the trip; or
  • On or after November 30, 2021, you will not receive a refund in any amount.
  • Please note: the refund amount is based upon the sale price of the trip and does not include any transaction or other related fees.
  • Should your account not be in good standing (i.e. 1 missed payment or more), you are not eligible for refund payments of ANY amount.


How does the Easy Payment Plan work?

For Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, once you make your $500 US deposit, you’ll then be invoiced for a monthly payment until your package is paid in full.  We’ll invoice you around the middle of each month, with your payment being due by the end of each month.  Payments are accepted via PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards and debit cards if you’re located in the USA.

All final payments are due by January 31, 2022 – no exceptions.

Are the prices listed per person, even if I’m sharing a room with someone?

Yes, the prices listed on our website are per person, double occupancy (2 people to a room) in US dollars.

Questions about the 5-night Premium Experience

Do I need a special Visa or other documents to travel to Trinidad?

No.  The only things you need to travel to Trinidad are your passport valid for 6 months after the date of your travel and a round trip ticket.

Is Ultimate Trinidad Carnival all inclusive?

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival is mostly inclusive, since all of the events on the itinerary are all-inclusive (open bar and food options).  There’s also daily buffet breakfast included in your package at the Hilton Trinidad and in the Tobago Love Upgrade at the Shepherd’s Inn.

We also take care of all of the “little things” on your behalf, like costume pickup, delivery and fitting, collecting and distributing your party (fete) tickets and providing you with all of your trip research.

Our goal is to make sure that you aren’t concerned about anything during your trip to Trinidad and Tobago!

What’s included in Ultimate Trinidad Carnival?

Please visit our website for package details and inclusions.  Click here.

I’ll be traveling to Trinidad Carnival alone because none of my friends or family want to go. Can you find a roommate for me?

Absolutely!  We’ve worked with several of our clients over the years to match them up with roommates.  Roommates during Trinidad Carnival time usually form lasting friendships.  Here’s how it works: when we get 2 people looking for a roommate, we’ll connect you via email so you can connect.  Once you’ve talked and decided that you’d like to room with each other, simply email us and that’s it!

You may also want to consider a single occupancy package if you’d prefer to room alone.  Click here to contact us  or call us at (919) 697-8772 for details.

Is it possible for me to get a customized package outside of what is included in your 5-night Premium Experience?

We may be able to customize a package for you depending on what you’re looking for.  Please contact us by clicking here or calling us at (919) 697-8772.  Please be advised that we’re giving first preference to our complete package clients.

I’m a travel agent and I’d like to book a group through your company. Do you work with travel agents?

We love working with travel agents!  If you have a group of 10 or more, you can get incentives and commissions!  For more information, please contact us by clicking here or calling us at (919) 697-8772.

Questions about costumes and parties (fetes)

I prefer not to play mas in a costume. Are you able to help me?

We can, however we’d like to know what’s your reason for not wanting to participate in the biggest parade on the planet!  If you’re modest/are self conscious about your body, trust us when we say that Trinidad Carnival embraces and celebrates all shapes, shades and sizes of people.  Everyone, regardless of their size parades around confidently in next to nothing.  We also have costume options that you can take advantage of if you’d like more (ahem) coverage.

If you think that standing on the sidelines is as much fun as being in the parade, keep in mind that things work a little differently in Trinidad than what you might be used to.  The large bands in Trinidad employ tight security, so no “jumpin’ in de band” here!

Still don’t want a costume?  We’re currently providing first preference to our clients who would like to get the entire Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience which includes playing mas in full costume.  Please contact us by clicking here or calling us at (919) 697-8772. 

What happens if my costume doesn’t fit when I get it in Trinidad?

This happens very rarely, however let’s walk you through our process.  When we collect your costume on your behalf, we’ll schedule a personalized fitting with you at the Hilton Trinidad.  We’ll show you how to wear your costume pieces during this appointment.  Should anything not fit, we’ll work with Yuma to facilitate any costume swaps as possible.

In regards to the costumes, which band are you associated with?

Our costume provider of choice is Yuma.  We’ve played mas with Yuma for over 9 years and our masqueraders have been taken care of, had their costumes created to perfection and had a GREAT time!

One of our reasons for choosing to play mas with Yuma is because of the band size.  Most of our clients are first-timers to Trinidad Carnival and navigating some of the other (larger) bands can be quite challenging.  Yuma is easy to navigate even at a few thousand of masqueraders!  This means you can get to the bathroom easier (no bladder malfunctions), will be able to find your friends (and fellow UTC’ers) throughout the day and most importantly, find your UTC Ambassadors if you need assistance.

What if I lose weight before Carnival comes? Can I change my costume sizes?

Yes.  Before we order your costume with Yuma, our costume coordinator will confirm your sizing.  It’s your responsibility to ensure that your measurements are accurate.  Based on our experience over the years, we know the following: for the ladies, all parts of your costume are adjustable to a few inches larger or smaller.  Should your Yuma bra still not fit after adjusting, we’ll work with Yuma for a suitable replacement.

For the men, your Yuma shorts have a drawstring that you can adjust a couple of inches larger or smaller.  We can also swap out your T-shirt for a larger or smaller size depending on availability.

Is there an opportunity to upgrade to a front line costume in your 5-night Premium Experience?

Absolutely!  Please contact us by clicking here or calling us at (919) 697-8772.  You may also want to consider purchasing our Ultimate Carnivalista Upgrade where you get the opportunity to get an Individual costume!  Details about this upgrade will be released shortly.

What parties (fetes) are included in your 5-night Premium Experience and Upgrades?

Details about what events are included will be released shortly.

Do I get to design my own costume?

Fortunately for you, we work with Yuma, who is a leader in costume creativity and design in Trinidad. They’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you regarding designing your costume. You’ll get to pick costume options that will flatter you best.

Questions about flights

Are flights included in your Trinidad Carnival packages?

Your flight to Trinidad is not included in our 5-night Premium Experience. To purchase your own flight, the airport code in Trinidad is POS. Please note, should you purchase our Tobago Love Upgrade, your round trip flight from Trinidad to Tobago is included in the quoted price. 

Need help with booking your flight?  We’re a full service travel agency, so we can help with that!  Click here to contact us.

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