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What our clients say

J’ouvert and Carnival Tuesday were the absolute best! The culture was amazing. The high energy parties for 5 plus hours were unmatched. The accuracy in making sure everyone was accounted for and taken care of. An Ambassador was always accessible at all times for assistance


Texas, USA

“I liked that all I had to do was look good and show up!”


Milwaukee, USA

“The best thing about traveling with EBA was the sense of security. I always felt safe and secure at EVERY event”


Michigan, USA

“I like that everything was well organized. You stuck to the itinerary and departure times, to the T. Additionally, I like that you educated us on Carnival, what it is, and what to expect. It was a lot of information, but it was very useful”


Maryland, USA

“Everything was taken care of so I didn’t have to worry about anything. No wondering where to go, how I was going to get there, how much it cost, where to get my costume, etc. No worries was the name of the game for this trip. It took a lot of stress off. Oh! And my trip was so awesome, as I was posting on my Facebook page throughout the week, that it actually made my Trini friends EXCITED about Carnival. Before, they kinda felt like “been there, done that” but seeing it all through my eyes got them wanting to go again 🙂 “


Texas, USA

“I’m back home in Bermuda.  It’s rainy and yucky!  But, home safe and sound.  It was great meeting you all and Carnival was all that I thought it would be!  All the best to you all!”   



“I enjoyed all of the laughter and partying and dancing and eating and walking and sweating and drinking…did I miss anything?  Lol.  I am glad that I decided to do this trip alone!!!  Esha, I am all about supporting black businesses and so far (sadly) this is the best customer service I’ve received from a black owned business…EVER!  I appreciate EVERYTHING that you have done for me.  I will be back!”


Virginia, USA

“The best part about working with UTC was that everything is done for you. Transportation, accommodation, fetes, etc. And there’s still enough free time to enjoy on your own. I liked that we had the schedule and you just show up at the appointed meeting place at the right time. I was also very happy that everyone in the group looked out for each other while we were out at the events. “


New Jersey, U.S.A

“I loved that everything was organized, and not even the smallest detail was overlooked. “


New York, USA

“Still without a voice – shows I had a ball!!!  Nice meeting you all.”


California, USA

As a Carnival newbie, I was provided with an abundance of helpful and necessary info via email and conference calls [to help me prepare for my trip].”


New Jersey, USA

“I loved the fact that I had someone else do all the ground work and didn’t have to arrange anything myself. As a seasoned traveler I would normally make all my personal arrangements…I had a fantastic experience!”



“Sunny Side Up Fete and J’ouvert were my two favorite events. Getting to know the group was great. Having an in house photographer was awesome.”


Maryland, USA

“The trip was very well organized. It was worth the money I paid. [With] me being a planner/organizer, paying attention to detail and as a professional, I really liked how everything was laid out and I had no worries.”


Georgia, USA

“Back in the States – South Beach.  Holding off reality of the real world for a couple more days – SMH.  Thanks Davis’ for a great experience.  Will definitely do it again!”


Georgia, USA

“Esha and her team were amazing.  Anything I needed or any questions that needed to be answered, you made me feel very comfortable, even if I had millions of questions, lol…” “Sunny Side Up Fete and J’ouvert were my two favorite events. Getting to know the group was great. Having an in house photographer was awesome.”


Florida, USA

“Well, Esha you sold me the first day we talked. Your genuine personality, positive attitude and customer service floored me. This is definitely your niche. The team was amazing, and sooooo much fun.  I appreciated EVERYTHING they did to keep me safe, excited, happy and satisfied.”



“Although our trip had to be cut short (due to unforeseen circumstances), we had a fantastic time. It was great to get off the plane and not worry about a single detail. The energy and vibe from the group and everyone we dealt with was extraordinary. We will be first in line for next year!”  


Turks and Caicos

“I want to thank UTC, my new extended family for such an amazing time and overall great experience.  I will have great lasting memories of TnT Carnival!  Safe travels!”


New York, USA

“Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this a great experience. This was wonderful and the quality of your business is definitely 5 stars! Thank you!”



“All of the fetes were amazing and exceeded my expectations.  I also met so many new lifelong friends along the way.  I would definitely travel with UTC again.”  


California, USA

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