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Top 5 reasons to experience Barbados Carnival (Crop Over)

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If you’ve stopped by this blog post, then chances are you’re curious about Barbados Carnival, a.k.a Crop Over, a.k.a. “de sweetest summer festival”.  And you have every reason to be curious, trust me!

Barbados Carnival is not only a chance to be immersed in the Caribbean Carnival culture, but it’s also a chance to be in beautiful Barbados, with warm and friendly people, delicious food, IG worthy white sand beaches and blue waters.

*Sigh*, allow us take a moment…okay.  Ready to dive in to this blog post to learn 5 reasons why you should go to Barbados Carnival?  Start by watching the video below!

Reason #5 to experience Barbados Carnival

Accommodations near the beautiful Caribbean Sea.  Reason #5 is pretty simple, but like all things, simplicity is key.  Over the years, it’s become increasingly important to me to have my chosen accommodations close to water, when ever practically possible!  And getting this during Barbados Carnival is easily accomplished.  If you’re staying in “The Gap”, also known as St. Lawrence Gap or at the Hilton Barbados Resort like we are during Ultimate Crop Over or somewhere on Barbados’ “Gold Coast”, then you’re most likely very close to the Caribbean Sea.

You need to experience this for a couple of reasons.  One, who doesn’t love to look out at beautiful scenery while they’re on vacation (duh)?  Secondly, during your downtime (in between partying and what not), wouldn’t it be wonderful to take the elevator downstairs, walk a few steps and be on a white sand beach?  It’s your vacay made easier by visiting Barbados during Crop Over time.

Reason #4 to experience Barbados Carnival

The food!  The food!  The food!

Did I say the food?  Lol…

Where do I begin?  Not only will you be physically located in the lush, beautiful scenic gorgeous-ness that is Barbados, but you’ll also be eating to your hearts’ content all of the delicious local food that you can handle.  We can taste it right now…flying fish, cou cou, cutters, conkies, the best Caribbean macaroni pie, breadfruit, fish cakes…yummy!

And just to make your mouth water some more, check out our Ultimate Crop Over video…warning, this video will make you want to come with us!

AND of course during Ultimate Crop Over we take you to taste everything!  From our fine dining brunch at Tides Restaurant (located right by the water) to the world famous Oistins Fish Fry (you can also get lobster there); it will all be a feast for your eyes and your mouth!  Then – just include the Limerz Cruise, an all you can eat and drink party and you’ll be sure to leave Barbados with your very satisfied appetite.

Okay, I’m only getting started with reasons why you should join us next August!  Stay tuned for reasons #3, #2 and #1 up next.

And, if after reading this you’re thinking, “Hmmmm, I’d like to learn more about Ultimate Crop Over…”, we understand.  Ultimate Crop Over is your all-inclusive solution.  Literally, all you need to do is book your package, book your flight, pack and we’ll take care of the rest!

Aaaaand…our next Ultimate Crop Over Experience has launched! Click here to visit our website for more details.

Stay tuned for more reasons to visit the home of RiRi…

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