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Top 3 things to experience in Grenada | Grenada snorkeling

Hello there!  Welcome to our blog; a blog about travel, food, getting your life together and the Caribbean Carnival culture.  And if you’re reading this, chances are, you want to know what you can do on the beautiful island of Grenada!  Check out the video below as we get into #3 of the Top 3 things to experience in Grenada (hint: it includes Grenada snorkeling).

#3 of the top 3 things to experience in Grenada

Spice it up ovah de watah!

  • Although our Spices and Chocolate Promo is over, we have a super special announcement coming in a few days…stay tuned!
  • Yachting and boating.  Grenada is surrounded by so much beautiful water, you’ll definitely want to be on somebody’s boat!  We definitely recommend pairing your experience with food, which is why during Ultimate Summer Carnival (now called Ultimate Spicemas), we’re taking our clients on a rum and organic chocolate tasting cruise.
  • In addition, you’ll want to go to a boat ride (or 2) during Grenada Carnival.  And the epic Rum Boat is 1 of the most sought after tickets on the island.
  • And finaly if Grenada snorkeling is what you’re after, then the Underwater Sculpture Park is a must do.
Now over to you:

Which of these experiences would you like to do the most?  The Rum and chocolate tasting cruise, partying on the Rum Boat or visiting the Underwater Sculpture Park?  Let us know in the comments below!

If you’d like to visit Grenada with us (without doing any of the work), then check out our Ultimate Spicemas packages today; click here.

Til de next lime,

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