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Manifesting love: Esha x Women Boldly Living

Hey, it’s your girl Esha here.  Hope you’re well and safe in your part of the world!  I had the pleasure of chatting with Mrs. Valerie Ashford Brown of Women Boldly Living recently.  We talked about the 3 myths that are holding women back from manifesting love.

Trust me when I say it was a conversation that went beyond what I thought it was going to be.  And definitely in a good way!

As I talked with Valerie, who is an inspiration to her own credit, my mind raced with thoughts about all that I can share to help single women thrive during this pandemic.  Manifesting love is just one of the ways that I can help.

My expertise in manifesting love draws upon my own love journey that I started waaay back in 2005.  It was the year before I met my wonderfully supportive hubby of 10 years, Tarik.

The work that I did within myself in 2005 set everything in motion to manifesting the love that I truly wanted.

Oh and did Valerie and I talk about it all?  Yep.

Click here to listen in.

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After taking a listen to the podcast, you might want to check out my next webinar – Yes, it’s possible: 3 easy tips to find love during COVIDClick here to find out more about this virtual event.

Now over to you:

What’s your biggest challenge with manifesting love?  Feel free to leave me a comment below!

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