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#2 of the Top 3 things to experience in Grenada | Visit Grenada

Hello there!  Welcome to our blog Carnivalista Lifestyle, a blog about travel, food, getting your life together and the Caribbean Carnival culture.  Thinking about taking a visit to Grenada?  You’re in the right place because we’re at #2 on the Top 3 things to experience in Grenada!  As if you needed more reasons to visit Grenada right? 😉

#2 of the top 3 things to experience in Grenada

Spice it up with de food!

  • Since Grenada has been named a Culinary Capital by the World Food Travel Association, you know it has great food, right?  In addition, one of the reasons for the good food is all of the fantastic spices you can get on the island.
  • What better way to learn more about Grenada’s spices than to take a Spice tour?  We can take you there during Ultimate Summer Carnival!
  • So, what deliciousness can you eat in Grenada with these spices?  First up, the National Dish of Grenada is called oil down, although many Eastern Caribbean islands make their own version of this comforting and filling dish.
  • The second can’t miss dish is Lambie Souse!  [Check out this and other recipes from Grenada here]  Lambie is the local name for conch, a type of seafood.  It’s the key ingredient in this dish.  I highly recommend giving this a try when you visit Grenada!
Now over to you:

What do you want to eat the most when you visit Grenada?  Let us know in the comments below!

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