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Ultimate Crop Over packing list (the remix)

Thanks for stopping by our blog!  With the next Ultimate Crop Over Experience coming up, we’re practically obsessed with what to wear, pack and take to Barbados.  We called this Crop Over packing list post the remix because it continues to be 1 of our most popular blogs!  And now we’re sharing this goodie with you again.  Here goes:

Packing for any Carnival can be a little overwhelming because you need so much stuff.  There’s your travel outfit, then there’s your Foreday morning clothes, not to mention the party outfits.  Don’t even get us started on footwear – from your Kadooment Parade footwear to cute fete sandals, how do you fit it all in?

Have no fear – that’s where our Ultimate Crop Over packing list comes in!  It’s an easy checklist of EVERYTHING that you need to put in your suitcase and carry-on.

Check it out below…

Ultimate Crop Over packing list – Traveling tips:
  • As Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame says, “You want to be the perfect combination of cozy and classy: cozy enough to endure the chilly AC in the airport and on the airplane and classy enough to look pulled together after an eight-hour flight.  Choose clothing that is spill proof, wrinkle proof and relaxed enough to sit in for long stretches of time.  Think dark colors and soft, natural, knit fabrics that move with you and feel good against your skin.”  We couldn’t agree more about incluidng these items on our Crop Over packing list!
  • Don’t forget stockings or socks to wear with your slip-on shoes when you go through security.  If you’re located in the US and you have Pre-check, then you don’t need to remove your shoes.  Be sure to carry a pair of sandals in your carry-on to put on when you land in Barbados.  It will be hot!
  • Travel clothing essentials:
    • Pants: loose-fitting, great looking pants or your comfiest jeans (boyfriend jeans or really nice leggings work great for the ladies).
    • Top: layers are key.  A very light jacket, especially if where you’re traveling from where it’s cold, will do.  Wear a tank or t-shirt under a roomy button-down shirt or for the ladies a tunic with a light sweater.  When you get to Barbados, you can just remove your layers as needed!
    • Shoes: travel in flats – think loafers or stylish, lightweight sneakers.  Choose a comfortable shoe that can do double duty while you’re in Barbados.
    • Accessories: For the ladies, a large scarf, shawl or pashmina is necessary to wrap up as you settle in for your plane ride.  This can also double as a beach sarong!  If you wear a watch, then that’s all you really need.  Should you really need jewelry, then wear very lightweight, non-metallic jewelry.
  • Keep in mind once you arrive in Barbados that it’ll be hot and you’ll be fetein’ up  storm!  If your Crop Over packing list includes a few tops and some bottoms that you can wear to multiple parties, we strongly recommend bringing alternates in case the one you planned to wear gets soaked in sweat from the night before.
  • Pack things that you love to wear: if you don’t wear it at home, you most likely won’t wear it away from home.  It’ll just take up room in your suitcase.  Bring your favorite clothes and you won’t mind having less with you.
  • All of the separates in your suitcase should combine well with each other – another argument for packing the things that you wear most often.
Ultimate Crop Over packing list – Carry-on essentials:
Travel sized moisturizer
Lip balm
Eye drops
Travel water bottle that you can fill after you go through security
Passport wallet
Magazines or a book
Tablet or Kindle
Cell phone
iPod or mP3 player (if you’re old school)
Laptop (if bringing one)
House keys (don’t pack these in your checked luggage in case it gets lost)
Medicines (prescriptions and over the counter drugs)
Extra pair of eyeglasses or contacts
All and any important travel documents
Receipts for everything that you bought (for the return trip back home)
Anything breakable, such as a camera or a fragile souvenir
Breakable or valuable jewelry (see our note about what type of jewelry to bring with you)
Address book with a copy of any local numbers that you need (in case your phone dies)
A set of underwear and night clothes
Your daily toiletries
At least 1 party/fete outfit, in case you don’t get your luggage right away
Travel pillow
Flip flops or sandals for when you touch down in Barbados
A snack (or 2!)
Ziploc bags
Ear plugs or noise canceling headphones
Personal identification and proof of reservations (these items should be in your carry-on)
Driver’s license (to use as ID at fetes if needed)
Copies of passport and other identification cards
Airline tickets (have a backup copy in case you can’t get to it on your phone)
Copy of personalized itinerary (this will have your hotel information)
Copies of car reservation/booking
Fete ticket print outs and receipts of payments
Print out of costume receipt
Costume transfer letter (if buying a costume that someone sold to you) plus a copy of the person’s photo ID
A list of all of the items that you packed in your suitcase plus a photo of everything that you packed (in case it’s lost by the airline)
Ultimate Crop Over packing list – In your suitcase:
Sun block with high SPF
Aloe vera gel in case you get sunburned
Chap stick/ lip-gloss with SPF
Peppermint foot cream
Foot soak products
Shaving cream
Hair remover/depilatory
Contact lenses (bring multiple pairs in case they get torn or lost)
Re-wetting drops (if your eyes get dry)
Contact lens cases (bring at least 2)
Anti-Frizz Hair Serum
Contact lens solution
Your favorite shampoo and conditioner
Skin lotion
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Dental floss
Facial moisturizer
Loc twisting gel/cream (if you have locs or twists and need to touch them up)
Hair and scalp oil
Feminine wipes
Wet wipes
Braid and weave spray
Breath mints and/or gum
Stain remover pen
Pepto Bismol or Alka seltzer (for an upset stomach)
Imodium AD
Birth control
Elastoplast and moleskins (in case of any fetein’ blisters)
Mini first aid kit
Chafing powder
Gel insoles or orthopedic inserts
Insect repellent
Hand sanitizer
Kadooment parade needs
Glue gun
Spray paint (in case you want to spray your mas shoes to match your costume)
Glue sticks
Travel sized sewing kit
Extra pins and Velcro tape for outfit and costume adjustments
Comfortable shoes, sneakers or boots for playing mas (you get extra points if it matches your costume)
Mas tights (flesh toned or fishnets in a color that matches your costume)
Glitter and a small container to put it in (to add glitter to yourself so it won’t get all over your room)
Money pouch for Kadooment Parade (recommend something with an around the waist or across the body strap that zips closed so you don’t lose your phone while winin’)
Costume bra, bottom back up and shorts (in case your mas bra and bottom don’t fit)
Fete and Kadooment Parade makeup needs
Spirit gum (to help the jewels stick and stay on your face)
Face jewels
False eyelashes and glue for lashes
Your favorite foundation
Foundation primer
Glitter lotion
Makeup remover
Blotting sheets
Q tips
Makeup brushes
Matte fluid to wear under your makeup (if you have very oily skin)
Makeup setting spray


Body and hair
Pumice stone or foot file
Exfoliating body gloves
Nail polish/remover
Curling iron
Blow dryer
Flat iron
Decorative hair items – hair clips/bows/cowrie shells
Hair pieces/extensions
Hair scarf
Shower cap
Inflatable foot spa
Bobby pins
Hair bands to pull your hair back if needed
Camera/camera bag (can be waterproof and/or disposable)
USB cables
Video camera
USB drives (in case your camera/phone is full!)
Portable DVD player
Cell phone (if using your unlocked cell phone in Barbados)
Chargers, power cords and/or batteries for all your electronics
Voltage converter
Written/printed list of all friends’ contact info (in case your phone dies)
Back up all of the numbers on your cell phone to a cloud service e.g. Google
Clothing and shoes
Foreday Morning shoes and outfit (or just a bottom if you’re getting a Foreday Morning t-shirt)
Bandanna or something to cover your hair/head during Foreday Morning
Water shoes, if you plan to be walking/swimming where there is coral or sharp rocks
Bathing suits or swim trunks (you get bonus points for quick drying materials that you can hand wash and hang to dry overnight)
Some pairs of socks
LOTS of underwear
Tops – for party time, button downs and nice tees for the men, sexy/classy tops for the women.  All other times – tees and tanks work well
Bottoms – for party time, jeans, pants and shorts for both men and women, skirts for the women.  All other times – lightweight, drawstring pants and shorts
Dresses or rompers – for party time, think lightweight, breathable materials (cotton and rayon are great).  All other times – easy cotton tank dresses and sundresses
Sneakers and sandals (low wedges and flats strongly recommended for women)
Beach cover up or sarong (bonus if it can also double as a shawl indoors)
Flip flops for the beach
Comfortable walking shoes or sandals for sightseeing
Light jacket or sweater (the air conditioning can be brutal in some buildings!)
Lounging clothes (for going to breakfast and just hanging around in between partying)
Accessories and items to wear underneath your clothing
Dangling earrings and bangle bracelets (costume, nothing too flashy and definitely nothing valuable i.e. gold)
Extra backs for earrings
Sunglasses (at least 2 pairs, in case one gets lost while yuh getting on bad!)
At least 1 sun hat
Small purse/clutch with a strap for the fetes (could also double as a cosmetics case)
Daytime purse for sightseeing – strongly recommend a lightweight cross body bag with a substantial strap that will zip to close
Crushable beach bag
Watch (waterproof recommended)
Double sided tape (to ensure you have no wardrobe malfunctions!)
Bra inserts
Adhesive bra (for those backless tops)
Flesh toned nipple covers (these are genius when your mas bra is a little loose around the nipple area, but fits otherwise)
Ultimate Crop Over packing list – You’ll also need:
Luggage tag (make sure your name and phone number at the very least are on your tag)
A whistle (or 2 in case 1 gets lost)
Lanyard for your mas/Foreday Morning cup (to be hands free)
Key chain bottle opener
Goodies for friends and family (also on your return home)
Ultimate Crop Over packing list – Resources

We’ve included below some links to suggested items that we think you’ll love!

Carnival Kicks

Your 1 stop shop for everything Carnival!  Find shoes, tights, bags and other accessories and so much more at affordable prices.  Click here to visit their website.

Shades of Color Loc Soc

Not only for use by those who have locs (also known as “dread locks” or “dreads”), the Loc Soc is a great hair accessory for any outfit and especially works well to cover up your hair during Foreday Morning.

Satin Lined cAPs (SLAPs) by Grace Eleyae

For use by those who have any texture hair.  SLAP’s work well to keep hair moisturized and protected at night.  This product is also a great cover up for use during Foreday Morning.


Beautiful, light weight, flesh toned carnival stockings for the Kadooment Parade.  Offer options to pick up your order in Barbados or have them shipped to you.

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Thanks as always fuh reading!

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