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3 Unique Tobago Carnival Experiences

Welcome to our blog where we’re all about travel, food, getting your life together and the Caribbean Carnival culture!  If you’re curious about Tobago Carnival and what’s unique about it, then you’re in the right place.  In case you didn’t know, the island of Tobago was recently named the “most desirable island” at the Travel Awards in London.  Here are 3 Unique Tobago Carnival Experiences!

#3: Tobago Sweetness…

What do we mean?  Well, like soca artist Shurwayne Winchester sings in one of his many songs, “Party sweet on de road / From yuh reach /Yuh go know!”  Every client we’ve ever taken to Tobago feels the same.  It’s the fresh air and de the good vibes, that we feel can summarize this Tobago sweetness.  And it all contributes to the sweet Tobago Carnival!

How so? Based on our client experiences, when any 1 of these things are not good (air quality and vibes), it throws the entire experience off; it doesn’t matter how good the parties or the Carnival Parade are.  If these 2 things are not good, your experience turns out to be much less than it could be.

So, the Tobago Sweetness factor is definitely unique and makes the Tobago Carnival Experience that much bettah!  Let’s move on to #2, which is…

#2: Unique all-inclusive parties (and of course, de food at them)

Tobago has some truly scenic venues to host epic all-inclusives.  From Crown Point and Pigeon Point to Canoe Bay and all of de boats, you’ll be partying in the natural beauty that can be found all around the island.  The Tobago Carnival partying will be good for your body and the scenery will be great fuh yuh soul; trust us!

Add to that all of the delicious, lick yuh fingers food that you can have at these all-inclusives?  You’ve heard us rave about all the food you can get at Trinidad Carnival, so with the close proximity to Trinidad, you know you’ll get much of the same.  Add to that truly unique Tobagonian dishes like curry crab and dumpling, Tobago chocolate tea and there’s something they put in their grilled and stewed meats that make them taste amazing!  It must be dat Tobago “sweet hand” they’re famous for!

Click here to check out an Instagram recap from one of the most unique all-inclusive fetes last year, Runaway!  I mean…did you see de food???  Phew, okay let’s get into #1.

#1: Tobago’s Mud Festival and J’ouvert

One of the things we reaaaallllly love about Tobago Carnival is the J’ouvert!  Not only does it start early in the morning, it also continues throughout the day…And who doesn’t love a day Fete?

Whaaaatt?  Yep.  Get started on de road in the wee hours of the morning, dance through the streets down to Crown Point and then get more mud ALL over you at de Mud Is Life Festival!  Mud mas is a popular Carnival tradition in Tobago and this festival is like no other J’ouvert experience you’ve ever had.

Now over to you:

Got questions about Tobago Carnival?  Leave your questions below in the comments!

Til de next lime,

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