#2 and #3 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival

Welcome to our blog Carnivalista Lifestyle, where we help busy, professional women discover new cultures, attract what they want, love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.  It’s your girl Esha here and I’m almost at #1 on our top 10 list!  And #2 and #3 are about playing mas and Trinidad Carnival costumes, respectively.

You might be wondering, “Well, why do both of these things have separate spots on the countdown?”  I personally think that both of these things are so key to the Trinidad Carnival experience, they deserve both spots!

Get started with #3 – Trinicad Carnival costumes – below:

Excited yet?

Wait.  There’s more!  Now that you know more about Trinidad Carnival costumes, let’s get to #2 of our top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival, which is playing mas.  Playing mas is putting your costume on and dancing through the streets of Trinidad!  I explain it all below in this video:

And if that wasn’t enough…

Check out this song, Waitin on de stage by Machel Montano.  I mentioned it in this video because I think it speaks to the mas experience!

Now over to you:

Have you ever played mas before?  Let me know in the comments below!

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