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3 Things to Know About Trinidad Carnival | Trinidad Carnival information

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  Next up in our 3 Things to Know Series, we’re now talking about Trinidad Carnival information.  Apologies in advance for the tech difficulties in this video!  It’s still GREAT info; so tek a watch…

Fancy a recap?
  1. The most important thing to know about Trinidad Carnival (#1) is…it’s a lifestyle!  There are so many aspects of the Trinidadian economy that depend on this festival – to the tune of $100M US.  Bet that’s a piece of Trinidad Carnival information you didn’t know!  At the end of a year of work, you get to enjoy the end product of Trinidad Carnival – the artistry, the colour and the joy 😉
  2. One of our fave things about Trinidad Carnival is #2: inclusiveness and diversity is at the core of this festival.  Come as you are and have a time!
  3. And lastly, #3: it’s not an easy trip to plan on your own.  Trinidad Carnival is not your average trip.  There are MANY moving parts.  As one of our clients says, “Planning your own Trinidad Carnival trip is like wedding planning on steroids!”  Finding accurate Trinidad Carnival information can be challenging, so do yourself a favour and get lots of help.
Speaking of help…

We have a product that will take all of the guesswork out of your Trinidad Carnival planning.  Imagine if you had all of the Trinidad Carnival information at your fingertips?  You don’t have to imagine, because we created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival All-Access for you!

All-Access is basically our 2 decades worth of Trinidad Carnival planning in 1 product.  And you can save 50% off right now until Sept. 30!  Click here to find out more.

Now over to you…

Got questions about Trinidad Carnival?   Please contact us.  If you’re not already on our mailing list, we’ll also send you our Ultimate Guide of Getting to and Surviving Carnival.

Thanks fuh stopping by!

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Team Events by Ashé

About Us:  Events by Ashé is a company that provides unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences and we’re all passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  The Founders, Esha and Tarik, even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  We’re so passionate about Carnival that we’ve created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, Ultimate Spicemas, Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival and Ultimate Bago Carnival to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.  Check out more below or visit our website by clicking here!

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