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Our travel list – the June edition

Welcome to our blog, Carnivalista Lifestyle – your connection to travel, food and the Caribbean Carnival culture.  Welcome to June, also known as Caribbean Heritage Month!  Every month, we round up of monthly virtual and in-person events.  Use this list to add events to your virtual travel bucket list and then whenever you’re ready travel for real, we have events you’ll want to get on your radar!

Here’s what’s on our list:
Friday Facebook Live with Esha
  • This is a mainstay on our travel list.  Every Friday at 12:30 pm EST, join Esha on Facebook as she goes live to spread a little positivity, while talking about various topics like travel, food and the Caribbean Carnival culture.
  • To get a notification of when Esha’s live every Friday, like our Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Facebook page to get notified.  Click here to visit and like our Facebook page.
Miami Carnival Q and A

Now that Miami Carnival 2021 is a go, join us on Tues June 8 for our Q and A session.  We’ll share some information about this stateside Carnival, the costumes, accomodations and how you can secure your spot.  We will not be offering our Miami Carnival packages on our website.  If you’re on our mailing list, package details will be shared with you via email and also via this Q and A. Here are the Q and A details:

  • Date and time: Tuesday June 8 at 8 pm ET
  • Where: via Zoom with us – live!
  • To register (registration is required), click here

Caribbean Cook Up Live!

The Caribbean Cook Up cooking classes will be on hold for the duration of the summer 2021.  The next edition will happen in September.  To find out more about the September class and to register, click here!

The Caribbean Virtual Travel Expo

This virtual conference, hosted by Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean, will attract qualified travel advisors, travel enthusiasts, suppliers, travel media and influencers. It will provide them with valuable tools, techniques, information, and innovation, in an ever-competitive marketplace. Attendees will take a virtual deep dive into everything that the Caribbean has to offer, through a diverse program of activities that will provide tools, tips, tricks, and techniques, thereby paving the way to a sustainable path of growth and success.  If you’re looking for destinations to add to your travel bucket list, then this is the event for you!

Here are the details about this event:

  • Date and time: all day on June 17, 2021
  • For more information and the register for free, click here
Virtual Carnival Extravaganza

We’ll be a vendor at this event hosted by the Face Candy Studio Makeup Team – the Virtual Carnival Extravaganza.  You’ll be able  to chat with carnival vendors, get familiar with their products and services, plus meet other carnival travelers and enthusiasts.

Activities include: Discussions about Carnival After Corona, Online Shopping, Games, Giveaways, Drinking, and Dancing and Listening to Soca.  And the best part….. we drinking 2-days straight! Bring your own booze (or have it delivered) and join in on the fun for our 12-HOUR VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR X2.

Although it’s happening in early July, we wanted to get this one on your virtual travel bucket list as early as possible!  Click here for more info.

Carnivalista Marketing Method
  • In just 3 sessions, you can make more money in your business!
  • The Carnivalista Marketing Method takes everything that we’ve learned over 10 years of being in business.  This valuable information is all refined and shared so you don’t make the same marketing mistakes we made.
  • If you’d like to sell more of your services or your products, then you’re not effectively marketing.
  • With our brand of “energetic calm” and an environment of comittment and accountability, the 1:1 Carnivalista Marketing Method is personalized to your needs and your business.  We’ll start with the basics of your target client (note: everyone is NOT your client), build your strategy and then refine your tactics like social media, your website, speaking, etc.
  • Schedule the 3 sessions according to your schedule, show up and be ready to get your Marketing life together!
  • For more info, click here.
The Ultimate Girls Getaway
  • Did you catch our last blog about 3 unique vacations you can have right now?  If you caught it, then you know that we’re offering our Travel Vision Consultation services.
  • This service is perfect for you if you’d like to start your getaway planning!  And if you’re planning to getaway with your girls, then we can help you plan your Ultimate Girls Getaway.
  • Date and time: whenever you like!  We’ll work with your dates and other preferences, like destination, activities (yacht vacay anyone) among other things.
  • How to get started: book a Travel Vision Consultation for just $99 and this fee will go towards your own booking.  You’ll have an hour long Zoom meeting with us.  Invite your girls too; we’d love to help you all plan your Ultimate Girls Getaway!  Click here for more info.
Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2022
  • Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2022 is here and ready for bookings!  2022 will be the 10th annual Trinidad Carnival trip – get it on your travel bucket list today.  It is, afterall, the Ultimate bucket list trip!
  • You’ve asked and we’ve included several upgrades fit your needs.  We only have 6 rooms left!
  • 5-night Premium Experience dates of travel are Friday Feb 25 to Wed Mar 2, 2022.
  • Click here for more details on our website.
The Tobago Love Experience
  • And last, but certainly not least on our travel bucket list is The Tobago Love Experience!
  • We’ve offered this trip as an Upgrade to the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience, but are now making it available for your next getaway as a stand along trip.
  • Dates of travel to Tobago are Wed Mar 2 to Sun Mar 6, 2022.
  • Click here for more details on our website.  Also see the video below!  😉

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik







About Esha and Tarik:  Founders of Events by Ashé, a company that provides unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences, Esha and Tarik are passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  They even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  They are so passionate about Carnival that they created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival and Ultimate Crop Over to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.  Visit their website by clicking here or click the links below to learn more!

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