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How to Plan The Ultimate Girls Getaway

Hello there!  Thank you for visiting Carnivalista Lifestyle, our blog about travel, food, getting your life together and the Caribbean Carnival culture.  It’s your girl Esha here and this week’s live was for you if you’re planning a girls getaway.  The video below gives you 1 tip and there are 2 more for you below the video.

Check it out below to get started:

Want more tips?  Here are 2 more fuh yuh!
  1. Decide what type of trip it will be.  Everyone will want a say, but as the planner and group leader it’s easier to have this figured out before you bring the idea to the group. This also goes back to the 1st tip I mentioned in the video: knowing your girls. What does the ideal trip look like for THIS group.  Is it: Chill mode or go mode?  Budget or Bougie?  Are your girls more interested in sightseeing or sipping?  Getting clear on these questions will help you create a great experience for everyone.
  2. Time.  This is the hardest part of planning any trip. Not only do you need to make the time to get away, you actually need to find a time that works for not only the people actually going on the trip but the family units of each of those people too.  While there are some aspects of the trip that you can already have planned with limited input from the group, this step isn’t one of them. You will need to know what availability the group has. Should this be a long weekend kind of trip or should they prepare for a week long vacation complete with a new passport stamp?  While this may be difficult, it’s not impossible! 
Here are some tips to help you get your trip on the calendar:
    1. Plan in advance.  If your girls love to travel the way you do, chances are they already have other trips planned, so start planning as soon as possible to ensure everyone can attend.
    2. Plan around Mondays off holidays e.g. MLK day, President’s day, Memorial Day, Labor day, etc. Planning around these days allow your group to possibly use 1 less PTO/vacation day.
    3. Pick 2 date options and take it to the group for a vote.
    4. Once the dates are confirmed, add it to your calendar and send the invite to your girls.

As I mentioned in the video, the inspiration for this video came from YouTuber Rachel Talbott’s Girls Weekend Getaway video.  This is only part 1 of How To Plan the Ultimate Girls Getaway.  Next week, you’ll get another video and 3 more tips that will help you out!

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About Esha:  As an event planner and travel curator with over 20 years of experience (whose been to 5 out of the 7 continents), Esha’s helped professional women who don’t have the time, energy, or resources to plan their own vacations so they can travel and enjoy unique, life-changing Caribbean experiences.  Visit her website by clicking here or click the links below for more!

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