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Happy New Year to you!  Thanks for stopping by.  2023 was a better year than we expected.  To keep the celebration going, we’re sharing the Top 5 of what you searched for the most (and hopefully enjoyed reading the most too) in 2023.  What’s interesting about this list?  2 of the 5 are packing lists and 1 is our Top 10 Carnival Must Haves – if you’re going to a Caribbean Carnival, this is the read for you.  Enjoy!

#5: Carnival Monday Wear Chronicles – part 1

    This one was a surprise for us!  Over 1200 views of this blog about Esha’s Monday wear?  Yep.  If you have a Caribbean Carnival on the brain and you’re stuck for your own Trinidad, St. Lucia or Grenada Monday wear ideas, you’ll want to check this one out.  Click here to read it.

    #4: Ultimate Crop Over Packing List (the remix)

    This packing list for BIM – Barbados, that is – was our 4th on the list with over 1400 views!  We absolutely cannot wait to get to Barbados’ Crop Over this year.  Are you thinking about coming with us?  Then, check out our Ultimate Crop Over packages; click here.  And if you’re already going and you want to get an early jump on your packing, then click here.

    #3: Is Whining On Anyting Okay?

    Now, this one was an eye opener!  With over 2000 views, apparently you are all wondering the same question (lol).  This blog was written by Merate, our EBA Ambassador, is a good read and gives you a new perspective if you’re new to Caribbean Carnival culture.  Thinking about whining on de cute guy in de corner?  Read about it; click here. 


    #2: Top 10 Carnival Must Haves

    This was one of our fave blogs to create and we’re happy to reshare it with you.  It had over 4500 views this year!  If you’re curious about what goes into our suitcases as we travel to Carnivals throughout the Caribbean, click here. 

    #1: Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Packing List

    And the most viewed one of them all?  With over 6600 views, it’s our packing list for Ultimate Trinidad Carnival!  It’s right around de corner too, so be sure to check out the packing list by clicking here.  And, if you want a 1-stop shop for your Carnival supplies, be sure to visit Carnival Kicks!  Click here to visit their website. 

    That’s it!  You’ve seen our top 5 blogs of 2023.  Now what?  You plan your next Caribbean Carnival, of course!  And we have some AMAZING options for you.  All you need to do is pack and show up; we’ll handle de rest.  Check out these travel experiences below:

    Now Over to You: 

    Which Caribbean Carnival are you heading to next?  Leave us a comment below!

    Til de next lime,

    Team Events By Ashé

    About Us:  Events by Ashé is a company that provides unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences and we’re all passionate about the Carnival lifestyle.  The Founders and travel curators, Esha and Tarik, even met during Trinidad Carnival back in 2006!  We’re so passionate about Carnival that we’ve created Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, Ultimate Spicemas, Ultimate Crop Over and Ultimate St. Lucia Carnival to share these experiences with hundreds of clients around the world.   Visit our website by clicking here or click the links below for more!

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